10 Things to Do With Kids on a Rainy Day

Disclaimer: Any suggestions are for entertainment only, and parents should use their discretion and give appropriate supervision.

So it's the first week of summer vacation here, and naturally it has rained every single day so far.  I thought this post might help you out if you are in the same boat.  There is nothing earth shattering here, but we all need reminding of options from time to time.  Here are 10 things (not involving any video games or television) for kids to do:

1. Hide and seek

2. Learn origami (easily googled)

3. Scavenger hunt (you can make one up or find a generic one online)

4. Build a fort out of furniture

5. Inside camping (use a real tent if you have one)

6. Read books (yes, books!)

7. Easy crafts: make a collage (old magazine, scissors, glue stick and cardboard are about all you need)

8. Have the kids make a donate pile and a sell pile - gear up for a yard sale if you feel really into it!

9. Make goofy costumes out of things around the house.

10. Make up a play using the goofy costumes around the house.