The Name and the Idea

Blog post no. 2! 

So where did the name The Mombo Company originate?  Well, I'm a mom with two boys.  When my youngest was two years old, he worked through quite a few variations on "mommy" and "Mombo" was one of my favorites.  I got to be "The Mombo," and it was fun.  One day, when I was coming in from a run, my toddler eyed me up and down in my running clothes and said "mommy get run!"  That little phrase just stuck in my head, and I WANTED IT ON A SHIRT!!!  I could not find where the shirt already existed, so I made one.

Given my title "The Mombo" around the house, The Mombo Company naturally followed from that.  "Mommy Get Run" was the original phrase and the first shirt I produced.  It has an encouraging ring to it when it gets stuck in my head while I run, and I hope it encourages you, too.  


My mission with the products is for them to be encouraging (and in some cases, inspirational!) to the wearer and those who see them.  These blog posts are for ENCOURAGING you, too. When you visit The Mombo Company site, I want you to feel uplifted, or maybe informed about something by what you read OR at least leave laughing about some funny stories of my adventures as mom to two little boys!