The Start of My Illustrious Running Career

So how did I get into running?  Well, it goes back to high school.  I went to a tiny school, and for our PE requirement we had to do a team sport.   This served the purpose of actually having enough people to be on teams. 

I did tennis one year.  I wore the tennis skirts and chased those little green tennis balls all over the court.  On a rare occasion I made contact with one.  Maybe tennis is not for me, I thought.

The next year, I tried soccer.  Oh, what a sight was that.  I spent most of the games on the bench.  Practice was kind of fun.  But.... I wasn't the most coordinated.  I vividly remember my soccer coach/ algebra teacher falling on me one practice as a result of some not so great dribbling during a scrimmage game.  We were on opposite sides.  Oh don't worry, he managed to kind of fling himself over to one side so his 200+ lbs frame didn't crush his pupil.  It was talked about for weeks around school.

So the next year, I thought perhaps something that doesn't require coordination with dribbling a ball, or hitting a ball.  Maybe I can just run.  No ball involved.  Eureka!  As it turns out I was a pivotal and critical member of the cross country team, the mighty WOMBATS as we called ourselves. Was I critical for speed?  Absolutely not!  I was girl #3 when at least 3 girls were needed to call it a girls' team.  

Oh, don't worry.  I managed to still have my moments.  I recall a particular course - and I still blame the bad signage - where I got lost.  To be fair, a fellow team mate of mine was lost with me.   It was funny, we got to the point where we stopped running and decided we just needed to find our way out of the woods and back to the main campus.  We eventually did, and as we sauntered up from a random direction, the next race had long since started.  Fortunately, everyone was so entertained by the fact we got so completely lost that no one was mad.  

Like I said, it was a small school.  Same coach, by the way, who fell on me in soccer coached cross country.  Fun times.  

More importantly than filling the PE requirement, I found a form of exercise that I have stuck with for another 20+ years (seriously, that long already?).  Isn't that what PE is supposed to be all about anyway?